Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Start Driving for Cleaner Air

At Ports Petroleum, we provide a personal commitment to understanding your DEF needs and engineering the right supply strategy for you. We have been supplying a variety of customers, large and small, with high quality, API certified DEF since the product was introduced to the North American market.

In choosing a DEF supplier, it is important to find an experienced company who understands your issues and can be flexible in meeting your needs. At Ports Petroleum we want to make it easy and convenient for your company to start driving for cleaner air with DEF. We have the nationwide scope, equipment solutions, and customized distribution to accomodate your company's unique needs.

DEF Down Low Get the low down on DEF

Introducing our video series featuring helpful tutorials and how-to videos for the most popular equipment in the industry. Visit our DEF Down Low page for more DEF videos. Do you have a suggestion for a DEF tutorial you'd like to see? Email us and let us know!

Bulk Transport

Ports Petroleum has the capability to haul up to 5,400 gallons of DEF with our own trucks. We also work with common carriers to ensure timely deliveries to our customers.

Quality Assurance
In order to maintain the integrity of the DEF we deliver, all of our transportation equipment (tankers, hoses, pumps, etc.) is used exclusively for DEF. Diesel Exhaust Fluid can easily become contaminated which could cause the SCR catalyst to deactivate.

The Quality You Demand

Because Ports Petroleum is an independent wholesaler, we can provide DEF from a variety of major-brand suppliers. You can order the brand-name product you prefer or choose the lowest priced supplier. You're assured of quality, API certified DEF that consistently meets your high standards.

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Set up your DEF account today! Complete a credit application and send it to our DEF sales team at defsales@portspetro.com.

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