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Inside of a Fuelmart Gas Station

Wholesale Fuel Go to Fuel

At Ports Petroleum, we are committed to providing high-quality wholesale fuels when and where you need them, at a competitive price. As your fuel partner, we offer a variety of fuel and related products to make sure your operation keeps moving.

Whether you manage a fleet, gas station, farm, or anything in between, our fuel experts can create a plan that fits your needs.

Want the ability to budget despite the flucuating nature of fuel prices? With contract sales you can buy fuel in bulk to be delivered at a fixed cost for a determined period of time. We also offer day deals, spot pricing, and benchmark contracts.

Customers can enroll in our Keep-Fill Program that utilizes tank monitoring and an automatic delivery schedule. so your tanks will always have the fuel you need.

Contact Us or call 800-562-0373 to speak with one of our fuel experts!

ArmorBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid Drums

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Go to DEF

Ports Petroleum provides DEF for a variety of consumers; across town for local farmers and businesses, as well as nationwide for larger fleets, retail stores and various other businesses.

As a large independent Diesel Exhaust Fluid wholesaler, Ports Petroleum offers DEF from many sources - not just one. This means we can shop for the lowest price among several suppliers, buy in volume, and pass the savings on to you. No single-source supplier can consistently offer such savings, week after week.

No matter what size operation you have, Armorblue has flexible packaging options and a nationwide distribution network that can get you DEF when and where you need it. ArmorBlue is packaged in a variety of sizes including 1 and 2.5 gallon containers, 55 gallon frums, 275 and 330 gallon totes, and bulk DEF quantities.

DEF Equipment Go to DEF Equipment

Ports Petroleum provides high quality DEF equipment. We work with several suppliers in the industry, which means we will always be able to find the right equipment to fit your needs. To learn about other equipment or for more information, contact our knowledgeable sales team.

Fuel Additive being poured

Additives Go to Additives

Diesel fuel additives from Ports Petroleum will reduce maintenance and extend engine life. Our multi-functional additives will provide year-round engine performance improvements and cold weather operability. Keep your fuel system and engine clean, protected, and lubricated with additives from Ports Petroleum.

Additives should be used year-round in order to keep your fuel system and engine cleaned, protected and lubricated. Some potential threats you should be aware of include: gelling in cold weather, rust or injector damage from holding water, sludge build up, and reduced lubricity from fuel injector wear. We developed the Ports Petroleum Protection Plan to help guard your vehicles from these risks.

Truck Driver holding steering wheel

Transport Go to Transport

The Ports Petroleum fleet serves a wide variety of customers in need of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid in Ohio and surrounding states. Our commitment is to deliver products quickly, safely, and at a competitive price all while providing comprehensive customer service. Ports Petroleum takes pride in the investment of our equipment and our drivers to accomodate the constantly evolving transportation industry. In addition to our own fleet, Ports Petroleum partners with common carriers to extend our service area and to provide nationwide coverage.